I've known Greg for over a year now having bi weekly training sessions with him. I've seen a notable improvement in my fitness since training with him and really enjoy the sessions. His enthusiasm really helps motivate me and he is clearly very passionate about what he does.

Since training with Greg, I've felt more energised and with his training plan I've increased my strength and endurance. He's  a great teacher and very knowledgeable making sure I do all the exercises with the correct form. This has really helped with my overall posture and movement.

As well as having one to one sessions with Greg, I've also had small group sessions. When my two adult children saw how much I'd improved they wanted to have some sessions with him as well. Greg is very capable at managing a group and helping each of us

Soussan, ST Martins

I love the small group sessions with Greg. I would never have considered doing something like in the past as I had this idea that personal training was all very intense with a “no pain, no gain” type approach. These sessions are certainly not like that though. Yes, they test you but at the same time they are fun and it’s great to train with different people each time and there are always some laughs and good banter. I’m five sessions in now and can already feel and see the benefits. I’m also thinking of challenging the 17hr wall sit world record....maybe � Highly recommended.


I absolutely love the small group sessions! Working with Greg and having a the support of others around really helps boost your confidence and the team moral makes it fun. Having initially started once a week, I recently increased to twice a week and have seen a huge difference in strength and also appearance. Greg is an amazing support and his motivational quotes are something to look forward to each session! He's so easy to get on with and is always available for help or advice when needed. The continued support with measurements and diet tips help keep me on track and achieve the results I am aiming for.. Wedding Dress here I come! Thanks Greg


Tonight I went to my second session with Greg. It is exactly the type of training I needed - It is bloody painful, only if you want it to be. Greg is very organised, calm but keeps pushing to ensure the workout is working. He explains each exercise clearly and demonstrate them so you know what to do. The rest is up to you.
I was always worried about going on a 1to1 with a PT and the group sessions are perfect for me. We all work together, Greg sets us different exercises and targets based on our aims and we also find time to have a laugh.
I can't wait for next Monday. I've signed up for 12 sessions and it is very affordable.
If you've thought about changing your health/body with the help of a PT please contact Greg; you won't regret it. He really knows his stuff and will make you feel very welcome


Knowing how to do things properly and how long for and having someone push you is key for me so that's why this works a lot better for me than going to the gym


I have to say I was nervous about going to a personal trainer but Greg just put me right at ease, there was no judging my ability or size he was just 100% behind me to fulfil my goals. 
He is so passionate about his job and helping you reach your goals. If you're like me and hate the Gym but want to get healthy please give him a go you will not be disappointed.


Moi who hates the gym has signed up for 12 sessions, today is the day after the first session, Greg said I would have aches and pains, he was Spot on, i have pain in places I didn't know I could, but oddly enough, I looking forward to the next 11 sessions and seeing the results !